J-Hope FESTA 2021


Very bright like sunshine candidate j-hope




Name: Jay Hobi


Affiliation: Very Bright Party


Career: Dance team leader of Grammy performer BTS….(embarrassed)


Slogan: JjaeHope who is responsible for ARMY’s smile and your laughter


Charming appeal points: Sensitivity & Thoughtfulness


The award that J-Hope wants to give to himself:


Courage and faith awards


The above member is awarded this award for having unconditional faith!!!


J-Hope words to himself:


Ah I think I’m gonna fly with my wings, thank you!!


Awards that J-Hope wants to give to the members:


RM: More than the center Award


I know your labor and hardship!! Let’s cheer up!


Suga: Soft Soft Award


Recently he is cutest and his behavior is soft


Jin: Afterimage Award


Wherever this hyung goes, we can see his existence and afterimage (trace)


Jimin: My laughter Award


My vitamin, energizer


V: You are doing well Award


Cheer up and keep going as usual. Let’s do Fighting together!!


Jungkook: You became prettier Award


You cut your hair so well


Credits to: @choi_bts2

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