BTS – 2013.6.13 – 8 years old – friends who move the world!!


Member lineup:


– Stylish guy RM
– Reli~able eldest Jwin
– Sweet Sugar
– Talented Hobari
– Charming guy Chwimin
– Secret weapon Bbwi
– Golden maknae Chungkook


Something trending within the team:


– Leaving schedules (going home from work)
– Ladder game


Special note:


– No longer “boys” (referring to the “boy” part of “bulletproof boy scouts”)


2020 self evaluation / 2021 goals:


RM: Became a new person to a certain degree (!), though the feeling of helplessness is a little tricky / More than anything, to burn without regrets. To not look back.


SUGA: Studying English / To speak English more easily


Jin: I wasn’t able to stick to [my] plans, but I lived well by adapting/reacting quickly / Let’s not cry


J-Hope: It was a difficult period but I survived well and worked hard, pat pat / Try more things that I wanna try~?? ♥


Jimin: I worked hard because I had people I miss + wanted to repay, but it was a time when I wasn’t able to look at my surroundings / There were opportunities I was able to reflect on once it was this year. I’d like to grow/improve once again, cherishing myself + learning how to love others.


V: was good. It wasn’t bad. / Send selcas to ARMYs through Weverse


Jungkook: I think I grew and matured a lot as a human. Before, I think was always impatient and only looked forward; in 2020, I was able to look at my surroundings a bit. / In 2021, I’d like to please see ARMYs, perform, and slowly, little by little, become a better person.


BTS Charm Points:


RM: Cute but cool, nice and beautiful, sincere when it comes to ARMYs.


SUGA: Friendly


Jin: Cute. Nice.


J-Hope: Seems really special but is unexpectedly naive (pure) and simple


Jimin: Each individual’s charm/attractiveness is clear


V: Familiar


Jungkook: Sincere about music


BTS’ motto:


RM: “ARMYs are the answer.”


SUGA: Give us the stage


Jin: Let’s just do it


J-Hope: Seven is one~♥♥


Jimin: Your happiness, my happiness


V: Hobie’s words are absolute


Jungkook: Let’s go until we get there


If you were to express BTS 8 characters?


RM: International sunshine


SUGA: They’re such lovely young men




J-Hope: BTS is full of life~♥♥♥


Jimin: Ah I really love you.


V: We live busily


Jungkook: The students/disciples of teachers/masters


BTS Awards:


RM: Fatal Wound to the Chest Award (member who makes your heart race) – 3 votes


SUGA: Above Average Award (member who is above average in everything) – 3 votes


Jin: Sculpture Award (member who is sculpture-like) – 5 votes


J-Hope: Fantasy Award (member who is fantastically cool) – 4 votes


Jimin: Daily Award (member you wanna spend a special day with) – 3 votes


V: Subject of Study Award (member you wanna study) – 3 votes


Jungkook: Extraordinary Award (member who’ll fly to higher places) – 3 votes




“You’ve Worked Hard Award”

8 years — to all [my] members who worked hard without a hitch over an enor~mous amount of time that almost reaches 3,000 days. Guys — ah! An award I really want to give! You’ve worked hard!!

– Award from RM to BTS


“Always Award”

For always being the same, working hard like always, I award. you with the “Always Award”

– Award from Suga to BTS


“Attendance Award”

For not being late or absent in schedules, for working hard rather than running away, I award you this certificate.

– Award from Jin to BTS


“Undying Love Award”

Because the above members generously love and cherish each other, and are overflowing with love for fans, I present to you this award~

– Award from J-Hope to BTS


“Your Afterimage Award”

Only beautiful afterimages remained on the paths you took, so I present to you this award.

– Award from Jimin to BTS


“Understanding Award”

We use up a lot of energy lately because of our schedules, we’re worried about a lot of things, and we can’t see ARMYs despite missing the, I completely understand

Kim Taehyung
– Award from V to BTS


“You Did a Great Job Award”

I give you this award because for 8 years post-debut, you moved forward bravely together with ARMYs

– Award from Jungkook to BTS


Credits to: @sebyul


Individual Profiles:


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