Jungkook FESTA 2021


Heavenly voice candidate Jeon Jungkook




Name: Jeon Jungkook


Affiliation: I am myself


Career: BTS


Slogan: My voice is for you…


Appealing charm: I’m young… My voice is pretty good


The award that Jungkook wants to give to himself:


Name: Imagination (award)


I imagine a lot of things usually so I give this award. (I have many useless thoughts)


Jungkook’s word to himself:


From now on, do more wider imaginations and don’t lose your passion in working hard !!!


Awards that Jungkook wants to give to his members:


RM: Leader award


Best leader


SUGA: Stop lying down award


You’re constantly lying down


Jin: Jin award


You’re always making jokes without hesitation


J-hope: Always (award)


You’re always there in a song.


Jimin: cute award


Face, height, fingers, everything is cute


V: Became an adult award


You’re an adult now


Credits to: @TheTKGlobal

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