Jin FESTA 2021


Worldwide Handsome candidate Jin




Name: Jin


Affiliation: Dope Party


Career: Opened the door, heard that I’m handsome


Slogan : The man who make mirrors happy, who is he? It’s me Kim Seokjin


Charming appeal points: Worldwide Handsome


The award that Jin wants to give to himself:


Jin awards


I give it because I’m good at telling the truth to everyone


Jin’s words to himself:


Ke. Thx


Awards that Jin wants to give to the members:


RM: Donation Award


Sometimes he gives out his figure arts which look expensive


SUGA: Constant Award


He just has been same since the debut era I like it


j-hope: Jjwa hope Award


Recently we drank twice


Jimin: Your face is not puffy Award


He kept saying he is puffy but he is not actually. I want he doesn’t feel pressure about it


V: Vacation Award


He is working hard and control our schedules, thanks to him


Jungkook: Muscle Award


I compliment that he can lift a member with his one hand


Credits to: @choi_bts2 & @taeglaze

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