V Taehyung FESTA 2021

No matter what, it’s unconditional candidate Kim Taehyung




Name: Kim Tae hyung


Affiliation: Confidence


Career: I’ll make from now -aegyo-


Slogan: My love towards you is absolutely absolute.


Appealing charm: I sing songs, I write lyrics


The award that V wants to give to himself:


Name: 7 dishes meal


I give this award to me because I complete all my schedules everyday.


V’s word to himself:


Ty(thank you)


Awards that V wants to give to his members:


RM: Good body award


Your body is getting very nice so I give this award


SUGA: Nowadays good tension award


Your tension/vibe is very positive nowadays so I give this award


Jin: Funny award


Your spirit has gotten funnier nowadays so it’s fun


J-hope: Why are you so polite? award


You should be moderately polite..


Jimin: Smile award


Smile then you will be blessed


Jungkook: Stop it award


Stop working out


Credits to: @TheTKGlobal

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