Awesome, cute and cool special grade candidate KIM NAMJOON




Name: Kim Namjoon


Affiliation: Awesome [Party]


Career: “BTS”


Slogan: ARMY is me, me is ARMY


Charm appeal point:


1. Cute
2. Also cool


The award that RM wants to give to himself:


“Namu Award!!” (reference to how J-fans sometimes call him Namu-san, since award = 상/sang)


A 181cm tree that, unchangingly, gazed at BTS and ARMYs this year as well. I give you the Namu Award!!


RM’s words to himself:


No..to give me “Namu”..
I’m not worthy of such a title..
I sincerely thank the committe..
And I’ll live lo~ng like a tree!!!

– Kim Namu/Tree –


Awards that RM wants to give to the members:


SUGA: Salt Pretending To Be Sugar Award.


The saltiest sugar in the world..for that gap difference, I give you the Salt Award


Jin: Obnoxious Person Award!!


Your face’s existence itself is so dazzling. For blinding ARMYs..you’re the greatest Obnoxious Person Award!!


J-Hope: Morning Sun Award!!


That drink depends on personal preference, but — your smile is, quite simply, morning sunshine..


Jimin: Puppy Face Award


I think you’re looking more like a puppy these days..


V: Worldwide Handsome Guy #0


This year, you rose up one level, so I present you with not the #1 but #0 award


Jungkook: Jongkook Award?!


Am I just imagining things, or is your body becoming more and more like that person’s body…?! Jongkook Award!!!


Credits to: @sebyul

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