Jimin FESTA 2021


Ayo who am I candidate Park Jimin




Name : Park Jimin


Affiliation: Attractive Party




Appeared in famous show Run BTS 135 episodes
Order of Cultural Merits
Billboard main charts No1
Grammy nominated
Had a concert at Gymnastic stadium
Stadium tour
5 awards from all the 5 music shows
No 1 attractive pinky finger
No 1 attractiveness in the world
No 1 relay race
New artist of the year
AOTY (artist)
AOTY (album)


Slogan : I’ll show the attraction that worked in the world


Charming appeal point : All


The award Jimin wants to give to himself:


Why am I missing ARMYs like this award


How [much] long(er) do I have to wait until I meet ARMY in person? I’m giving myself this award because it is quite hard [to wait].


Jimin words to himself:


Let’s seeeeeee each other for a bit. Pleaaaaseeee


Awards that Jimin wants to give to the members:


RM: Share your height with me Award


I want to be tall


SUGA: Give your song to me Award


When will you?


Jin: Please do enough Award


Please stop play prank


j-hope: Please answer Award


Why you ask and just go?


V: Want to see Tannie Award


Is Tannie doing good?


Jungkook: So scary Award


His body is too big


Credits to: @choi_bts2 & @TheJiminPost

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