WINNER (위너) is a four-member boy group under YG Entertainment.
The group was formed through the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next?”, where two teams (Team A and Team B) of trainees within YG competed against each other in order to debut as the “new boy idol group”. At the conclusion of the program the title of WINNER was given to Team A who won all three rounds of the public voting. The boyband officialy debuted on 2014.


Seungyoon (Jan 21, 1994) leader, main vocalist, maknae
Jinwoo (September 26, 1991) vocalist, visual
Seunghoon (Jan 11, 1992) main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist
Mino (Mar 30, 1993) main rapper, vocalist, face of the group

Former members:

Taehyun (May 10, 1994) main vocalist, maknae