San E Lyrics 가사

Artist: 산이 (San E)
Song: Feminist (English Translation)
Album: Feminist
Year: 2018


I am feminist
I believe women and men are equal
See I said women first
Like how mom comes first in mom and dad
I read one book
What’s personal is political
They are touching words

Women have always been oppressed
Us men have always oppressed them historically

I don’t understand those who say women and men aren’t equal right now
If my grandma says it I might
But what inequality have you faced in your life?
You’ll probably say among OECD countries
Korea has a gender pay gap of blah blah blah
Fucking fake fact

Hey if you want those rights so bad why aren’t you going to the military?
What do you want more we gave you your own space in the subway, bus, the parking lots

Oh girls don’t need a prince
Then pay half for the house when we marry
I’m no fucking prince

I have a lot to say too
Men are victims of Confucianism too

Did I make that(Confucianism)? Did I
Sister why mad?
blame system
Not men

I am feminist

l am feminist
I support the #MeToo you know that right?
Director, Kim his actors etc.
They make all men get the hate But

Take out those extreme cases
You do everything under consent
then why do you MeToo? Are you a gold digger?
They must be happy selling their bodies and getting money
Men become criminals under this fucked up law
We withstand reverse discrimination without saying a word

Ministry of Gender Equality stop doing stupid shit
For healthy feminists
We first need to get rid of misandry

And the Corset Free movement
l won’t stop them but
They all blame the men for it
When did we ever say
You needed to be pretty?
You did plastic surgery for your own satisfaction
Now you’re being childish going no bra and not shaving your armpits
Cutting your hair short
And now you think that makes you a woke progressive woman?

Equality sex?
Nah that’s your inferiority complex man
I like long hair don’t change
And I am feminist

I’m on the women’s side
don’t hate women
Actually I love them too much that’s the issue
You and my mom, my sisters
I respect them as they are

I’m not one of those losers that you see in news articles
I don’t scream swear or do date violence
I totally admit the fault of men
Now for the day when you can freely roam at night in Gangnam
Let’s cheers

See I’m different?
It’s okay, I’m not dangerous
I’m different trust me
It’s okay

I am feminist

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