Dokimeki Diary (Eng Trans)


asmi – Dokimeki Diary (English Translation Lyrics)[Pokémon Horizons 2023 Opening Song]

Year: 2023


I’m riding on the throbbing air current
I’m sure

Something I can’t put into words
A bit of a disturbance
Somehow illuminating the present day
I found my favorite flower!

Everyday is nothing but white fog
I can’t even find what I want to find uh
An exciting diary
I can’t believe I let it go without knowing
No, no, no, no…
Heart that couldn’t be done

“But, but” → “Surely, there is a possibility”
Floating in a pleasant breeze
Yes and a little more someday
I wish I could fly!

I’m riding on the throbbing air current!
I’m sure Yay
Don’t be scared by stories you don’t understand
The world dances in glittering fantasies!
Smile yay
There’s no time to cower

I want to know
I don’t know everything yet no no no
You want to find me
If I could say I’ll be back
Maybe I’ve grown up a little

Take a deep breath
Stall every time I’m gentle
Boring handwriting has no dreams
I found I dislike myself a little

Everyday covered with black fog
The rain makes me want to go home oh
An exciting diary
I can’t believe I started running in a bit of excitement
well no no no no no no
Heart that goes with Shakariki

WOWOW I don’t want to lose my favorite accessories
WOWOW I still don’t understand anything
WOWOW I want to face the feeling of love
I want to shine like that star ah

I’m drunk with the throbbing air current
Yeah yeah yeah
It’s because we live in a world without answers
Even if the future is excellent, it won’t change
Shout out yay
Embody it like me

Beyond the throbbing air current
Yay yay
An unknown story awaits
Let’s change something with a little courage

Hey, I have something important to tell you
There’s something I’m looking for that’s not here
So I’m going on a trip
I’ll be back soon

Maybe I’ve grown up a little