NCT 127 가사 Lyrics

Artist: NCT 127
Song: 내 Van (My Van)(English Translation)
Album: NCT #127 Regular-Irregular
Year: 2018


*Riding on our van
Riding on that van
Keep driving
Keep driving

Long riding
No We’re not there yet.
A properly blocked road
At the end of the call
This is a friend who will ease this boredom
Even if you go back and forth a few hundred times
This road can’t adapt
A few hours if you’re lucky
I put my eyes on
With a face worn out by fatigue
Making me more tired
Drawing lines with Friends of Friends
I have real friends
All the company family fans

Long riding
I think we’re halfway there
It’s uncomfortable. Get everything out of the car
Piece I rocking on
When my head hurts
I look for a drug once
Open the window a little when you feel frustrated
The wind is blowing
Sometimes managers
Next Schedule and Key Points
When I forget my lunch
My main sauce
To let you go to sleep
Folk remedies do not make sense
While the honey is moving
The car wheels are rolling


**Short riding
From the hostel to the office
Office to studio
I went to the show with Incheon
All the way
My Van Moving
All the way
My Van Moving

No no Riding? This never stops
Where your cushion at
Where we cruising now
I don’t even care
Food all around chips all around
We need for spare
I can’t afford to fill the bar
We start from there
Through the window
Unusual gaze of people
My eyes are sometimes scared
Who is in it
Who is in it I wonder
Who is in it
Who is in it
Without question
I believe we’ll meet on stage.
Some are a little bit negative
I’m wearing sunglasses
But still driving
I don’t know about giving up
I know it’s a tough journey,
Let’s close our eyes and climb again
On that van let’s go
Keep driving let’s go
We talking here about
that white classic
van homie let’s go
SM idol is harder to be compromised than you thought
You might wanna be me though
You’re weaker than expected


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