NCT 127 가사 Lyrics

Artist: NCT 127
Song: 악몽 (Come Back)(English Translation)
Album: NCT #127 Regular-Irregular
Year: 2018


It’s just what you want

Are you listening?
Answer me
Even though I don’t see
I can feel it
In only our languague
that you and I know
Say my name

*Beyond this night
When you sigh
I feel the breeze over my head
When it’s the night you fall sleep
with your eyes closed
Darkness comes to my world

**To me, come back
Oh, even a single little breath
of you (miss it)
To me, come back
Please, my day without you
spreads out like a nightmare (Everyday)
To me, come

***Wanderer who is left, having no place to go
the odd man out, abandoned with no light

Among countless people
You who I can connect with my heart are unique
Past times yell at me yeah
Communication, love and even one that I’ve dreamed
You who taught me about it all
Please come back


The time I spent with you
going far away as if it was a dream
Black night I am left alone
The darkness makes me sadder
I wander in you, Deeper

Yeah I wander in you stay right there
Just react,
that’s right that (Oh BAMM)
Melody of your too slender body to guess
Patient it’s already reaching the limit
Straight permanent
Black permanent
You who are left as a tattoo mark getting erased
Because of your resonance that is left as a nightmare
I still wander
Want you to wake me up now,
come back
That’s why I love you

To me, come back
Oh, your eyes that lighted me up
Just all of you (I miss it)
To me, come back
Please my day without you
Spreads like a nightmare (Everyday)
To me, come


To me, come back
the odd man out, abandoned with no light
To me, come back

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