Crush Lyrics 가사

Artist: 크러쉬 (Crush)
Song: 2411 (English Translation)
Album: wonderlust
Year: 2016


The bus keeps going
I’m so hungry, oh no
Sitting in the way back on the right side
Outside the window is always brighter than me

From the garage of Majangdong, the first stop
Once I pass Wangshipri, Oksu Dongho bridge
Apgujung rodeo, oh shit
This was my practice studio
On my way back on the last bus
I’m on the Dongho bridge
The night scene with Whitney Houston’s
Saving all my love for you
I put in my earphones and close my eyes
Then I see my solo stage

This stop is in my dreams
This stop is on stage
This stop is I don’t know no

Morning is coming, I’m so hungry
I suddenly thought of you
When no one listened to my sound
The old me might have dreamed of the me of right now
Spinning like the route that repeats every day
Proportionate to my family and friends’ expectations
Eyes are hot on me
But I need to turn away and endure
I need to withstand
My only place of rest
In bus number 2411
I promised myself every day on the bus
That I wouldn’t give up
Can’t hold onto the naturally changing time
The bus disappeared along with the town I lived in
I lived as I forgot too many things
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

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