Bangtan Boys Lyrics

Artist: 방탄소년단 (BTS)
Song: Skit : Circle Room Talk (English Translation)
Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool
Year: 2013


Because it was a big hit back then
(In 2006)

Fly’s (It was awesome)
music video, it was awesome

That white shirt with a neck tie…
That’s how much I was followed
when I was in 6th grade of primary school

I know
It doesn’t suit hyung (hahahaha)

Ah, what is this?

Hey, the bell rang, let’s go

No, (let’s go) no, why are you like this
just because the bell rang, hyung
Just for today
(Jin hyung just got here)
(I’m not going)
Let’s skip just once
(I’m not going)
Ok, ok
Rap Mon, start from Epik High

Yeah, so I started producing that (song)
after hearing that
I won’t do the same Rap of Fly

This Suga-nim
also started rapping after hearing that

We are all the same. All the same, really
(Back then our ages were all the same)
Everything is really the same

So while we were listening to Fly
What was our Hope-y doing?

What were you doing?

Unlike other rappers,
I was practicing my dancing
Of course

I thought so
(I think you should dance now)
(Natural dancer?)
What natural dancer,
wasn’t Jimin doing the same?

Ah! Of course!


Is there no one else here
that dreamt of dancing?

[RM/Suga/V] …No one!

Go away, there’s nobody, go away
(There are no dancers)

Only now, only now
Only now you hear that
Go away, go away
There’s not even one, hahahaha
Everyone struggles
1 second of silence

Taehyung-i, Taehyung-i, what was your dream?

I played the saxophone for 3 years

Why don’t you do it anymore?



My lips hurt…


So your lips hurt, huh?

Hahaha, ah, your lips hurt?
Your lips hurt?

That’s so fake

My lips did hurt

It must have hurt a lot


Great reason

Oh, my heart hurts (from hearing that)

Jin-i hyung, what was your dream?
Hyung’s dream

Me, just like my dad, uh
Leave the house at 7am
and come back at 6pm
and eat whatever my wife cooked me

Live simply
Oh~ Really, wow…
Me too, I think like that the best, too
(That’s cool)
It’s the best
The best
What’s the use of hip-hop (yeah)
That’s the best (Yeah)
(What the heck)
You’ve thrown away hip-hop just like that
Why, hyung?

(What’s the matter with you?)

You’ve thrown it away so cooly,
threw it away so cooly

Don’t insult my dad

Just throw it away?

Don’t insult my dad

Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes?

Jungkook, what was your dream?
(Yeah, dude)

Mine? Ah… I can’t remember well


[Teacher] You brats!
What are you doing, not going to class?
(ah, so loud, so loud)
This Hip-Hop club, I seriously have to break it off
(We’re going, we’re going)
You brats, hurry up!
(We’re going, we’re going, we’re going)


Credits to: btswikia