Seishun no archive (Eng Trans)


40mp – Seishun no archive (English Translation Lyrics)[Blue Archive The Animation Opening Song]

Year: 2024


The Sky Blue Archive

I want to see a new scenery
Ride a bicycle
I’m just stuck in the same place
Escape from everyday life

I escape to the rooftop and lie down
I looked down at the blue sky
A cloud that looks like a whale
Changing the shape

Still holding onto a past that can’t come back
In a world full of sand
The taste of shared juice
I’m sure I’m not alone
I’m sure I can’t laugh or cry without you all
Common destiny

When will the memories of the world come to my mind?
Even if it disappears like sand
If the sky, the sea, the wind, and you are there
Youth never ends

There is always a reason to protect
Plain and simple, this place is ours
Because there’s only one place to stay