KARD (카드)


KARD (카드) is a four-member group under DSP Media. They debuted on July 19, 2017 with their first mini album Hola Hola. Prior to their debut, the group released the pre-debut singles: “K.A.R.D Project Vol.1 “Oh NaNa”” on December 13, 2016, followed by “Don’t Recall” in February 2017 and “Rumor” in April 2017. They are known for their tropical house sound.


J.Seph (June 21, 1992) Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Somin (August 22, 1996) Main Vocalist, Visual
Jiwoo (October 4, 1996) Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
B.M (October 20, 1992) Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist



[2018.07.25] RIDE ON THE WIND
[2017.11.21] You & Me
[2017.07.19] HOLA HOLA

Digital Singles

[2017.04.24] K.A.R.D Project Vol.3 “Rumor”
[2017.03.02] K.A.R.D Project Vol.2 “Don’t Recall (Hidden Ver.)”
[2017.02.16] K.A.R.D Project Vol.2 “Don’t Recall”
[2016.12.13] K.A.R.D Project Vol.1 “Oh Nana”