Zico Lyrics

Artist: 지코 & 웬디 (Zico & Wendy)
Song: My Day Is Full Of You (English Translation)
Album: 더 킹 : 영원의 군주 (The King: Eternal Monarch) OST Part.10
Year: 2020


I think it’s a dream to have met you
I will come down to the light in my heart
And capture you in my eyes
I will protect you by my side forever

I will make time for you
Listen to your stories and put smiles on your lips

The world is full of you
It starts to resemble you
Everywhere I see is you

It’s you yeah
I see you without missing a day but I still miss you
I put you by my side and ask where you are
Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
My heart is the same
The hands of the clock that stopped pointing at our direction

The warm temperature of the words left at the end of our conversation
As a and eo are different
From “me” to “you”
Seems like we’ve arrived to the place too far to go alone
I don’t wish for any more promise nor wish

I think it’s a dream to have met you
Could we both have predicted this?
I get closer to you bit by bit
You can stay in my embrace, like this

Every time I open my eyes in the early morning
I smile unknowingly thinking of you
With a smile

Looking at me who’s changing
Answer to me
You’re the only one for me

Love is the most beautiful thing
When you pop up in my mind, my breath catches suddenly
My heart beats loud enough to be heard on my ears
In that short time, my laugh is worth my lifetime Baby

You’re the only one for me
A lot

I love you, I’m so happy
It’s a happy dream to have met you
You who gave light to my day
The world becomes full of you

Credits to: KosmoSub@ZF