ZAYN – 47 11

Year: 2021


The goal… if you want to use this terminology like that… the goal is, uh, is missed.

The goal is yourself, without a goal.

‘Bout to hit you with some shit that these motherfuckers don’t know

Said “fuck it” to the promo

I ain’t sinking Titanic, bitch I built this whole boat

This is no joke

‘Bout to hit the guards –

What these motherfuckers don’t know

Yo, chill out, get the spliff out

Caught me with my dick out

I’m about to spit some shit now

Put this on the list, I’m about to write a script

While I’m floating, you’re –

Man, I call this song a diss

You’re among the best, I – contest, not impressed, guess

On your song, bigger that you can,

Pull the trigger, gun, James Bond

I’ve been moving like I’ve done

Now you see me pulling cons like a pro

Said they couldn’t see it, now you know

I’ve been focused on the crap since it broke

Put these rappers on a chokehold

Going corner ‘till they broke toes

You’re a gonner bro, we both know

These are my goals, at the end like dry combs

We ain’t friends homes

You could never call my ends home

The bad bones, I ain’t John Doe

Double meetings like it’s jerk off

Sick and tired of the same old

In my feelings

Imma let go

Feels like a season ‘till we get old

See you reaching on the debt though

Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp flow

Silly wanker, Imma vet so

Be quiet papa said so,

Call me Zaddy on my dad flow

Nice silence, why you mad tho’?

Like a bad joke

It don’t land like my granddad when he came from Pakistan

No foreign land, don’t understand

My simple plan was not to stand for the simple man

I’m complex, unlike my sex

And what’s the chance that axes and spinning
Are part of the plan since beginning
Got asked these thoughts, your brain spinning
You thought sinning was something else
Can’t help yourself like Santa’s elf
My mental health reaching God level
I don’t mean I’m a God
But 47 and 11 greets me on all levels
Yellow metal trynna tell you something is not settled
This old kettle reachin’ boiling point
Contribute your voice, and I chop it off and caught our eyes
Heard your noise, … the effort
Your fans deserve the credit, surely definite
Ain’t even a close second
On in all seconds
I’m a force to be reckoned with
And I don’t even give a shit
Have you learned your lesson?
Class in session is no test
And we ain’t testing them, you’re stuck with no progression
Assessin ’em, obsessing over nothin’
I see ’em clowning like Krusty, no rust
Imma steal, I’m finessing in a slow sesh
This …, hopeless
And get your feelings hurt less
In a deep sea like Loch Ness
Remoteness but I control it, I’m on my own
That’s why it’s my own world
Montana, put a hole in the ground for the top
My man is Chaka Khan, beat it up
Me and Dan put a spanner in the works
All you needed was a …
But Imma give you more than what you need

All you needed was a …
But Imma give you more than what you need

All you needed was a …
But Imma give you more than what you need
Imma give you more than what you need

Credits to: @luc6zade