YOASOBI – Romance (English Translation)

Year: 2021


One day, suddenly, it came.
It started with a letter,
The sender is you, who lives in the distant past.
That unbelievable encounter.

In my time,
‘These things exist’,
‘I am living like this’,
In the time we conveyed these thoughts to each other by putting them into words,
Before we knew it, romance has sprouted.

We, who will never be able to meet one another,
From our respective worlds.
The words we spell out, the thoughts which get stronger and stronger,
All while we don’t even know how each other look.

I am always longing for your words.
The time periods we live in are different, but
No matter how many times, I will leap across time,
To share my thoughts with you.
If wishes come true, I sure want to see you,
Just one glance is enough, because I like you.

What I suddenly recalled, is
The tomorrow of the time period you live in.

The things that happen, the sad things, I have to convey them.
Please, let a miracle happen.
As time passes, and the seasons change,
The letters have come to an end since then.
The words which no longer reach tightens my chest.

The far and distant 100 years on,
The future that I wished for you to see,
You know, I am still moving forwards in it now,
As I hold onto all these agonising thoughts.
The letter that reached me,
With the familiar words I have longed for,
That was the last love letter you wrote for me,
Going beyond that day.

I will hold tightly onto the proof that you have once lived in your time,
Even for thousands of years on, and
Someday, I will tell you,
About everything you can see in my time.

Credits to: @shiyuki332