Idol (Eng Trans)


YOASOBI – Idol (English Translation Lyrics)[Oshi no Ko Opening Song]

Year: 2023

This is the English translation of the Japanese version, for the English version lyrics click here: Click


The media she wreaks havoc on with her unrivalled smile,
The secret of hers that people want to know is mysterious
Even when she isn’t herself, she is within her area
Being perfect and a liar, you are a genius idol

What did you eat today? What books do you like?
If you went to play, where would you go?
‘I didn’t eat anything’, or ‘That’s a secret’,
She’s evasive no matter what she is asked

Appearing plain but also brilliant,
Those secrets one is so close to seeing are sweet
That, no no no
This, also no no no
What kind of person is your type? How about your partner?
Alright, time to answer

‘Liking someone, I wouldn’t know anything about that.’
Not knowing whether something is a lie or the truth,
Falling for those words again by yourself,
You make them like you again

Everyone has their gaze taken away,
You are a perfect and ultimate idol

Never to appear again,
You are the reincarnation of the first star of the evening
Ah- with that smile, you take everyone captive by saying ‘I love you’
Even if those eyes, or those words, are lies,
That is the complete Ai

Yes yes, that girl is special
We have been extras from the outset
We are B – acting as foil to the star
There’s no way everything is thanks to her

There’s no way you don’t have any ill-mannered jealousy or envy
Precisely because this isn’t a joke that I can’t forgive you
You are not perfect. I can’t forgive you. I can’t forgive myself
I won’t accept anyone apart from you – being stronger than anyone else
You, who everyone trusts and idolizes,
Are just the best and an unrivalled idol
Not a single weakness can be found
You carry the first star of the evening

Not allowed to show where she is weak,
Without showing what people don’t want to know,
Not accepting something unless it’s unique,
Precisely that, is the real Ai

The media, her specialty smile stirs up,
This secret that she tries to hide at all costs,
The career that she builds by lies of ‘I love you’,

That is my kind of love

Aqua who even has pretty sweat,
The Ruby that this eyelid hides,
Singing and dancing, I am Maria
Yes, lies create the best kind of love.

I haven’t been loved,
Nor have I loved anyone else
I believe in this lie of mine to become true someday

One day I’m sure I will have it all
Yes, I’m a greedy idol
Because I want to love everyone properly as myself,
I lie again today,
Wishing for someday when these words become true
Even so,
You two are the only ones I haven’t said this to

Ah- I finally said it, this is definitely not a lie,
I love you

Credits to: @shiyuki332

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