Gunjou (Eng Trans)


Song: 群青 (Gunjou)(English Translation)
Album: 群青 (Gunjou) – Single
Year: 2020


Ah, just like usual,
I yawn in the days that pass.
Overcoming the boisterously loud nights,
Morning falls on the streets of Shibuya.
That kind of feeling like it’s empty somewhere,
It sure is boring.
But that is fine,
That’s how it is.
This is fine.

Your true voice that hid before you knew it.
Let it resonate. hey
Even if you pretend that you can’t see it.
It is truly there.

Drawing based on from how I felt it.
In that colour I chose myself,
In the morning surrounded by a sleepy atmosphere,
The blue sky I visited.

To say that I like the things I like,
It is scary and I can’t help it but,
I felt that.
I had met my true self.

Ah. the further I reach out.
The further it goes.
Today doesn’t go as planned either,
I am still struggling frantically.
Even the feelings of regret and frustration.
Are just pathetic and tears come out.
The deeper I step into it,
The more agonizing it is.
It even becomes painful.

Moving forwards based on how I felt it.
On this path I chose by myself.
In the night when I rub my heavy eyelids,
The blue oath I held onto.
To continue what I like,
It’s not only ‘fun’.
Can I really do it?
I feel anxious about it though.

No matter how many drawings I drew,
Hey. no matter how many drawings I drew.
It’s because I don’t have confidence that I drew them.
No matter how many times,
Hey. no matter how many times,
The things I have built up will become weapons.
To say I’ve looked around,
To say I have compared with someone.
What is the thing that only I can do.
Even now I don’t have something like confidence,
But even so…

The feelings I have never felt before,
The thoughts that exists without me knowing.
Step out onto that day,
The light that is still small which I touched, by
Facing this pain that I felt for the first time and all of it.
With the things I like.
It’s fine, let’s go, all that’s left is to enjoy it.

Drawing while putting everything on the line.
In the colour that only I can come up with.
I continue to run through the morning and night.
The blue light I finally found.
To face it with the things I like,

It’s scary now, but,
I am no longer the invisible me of that day.
Just as I really am,
This is the irreplaceable me.

Your true voice that hid before .you knew it,
Let it resonate. hey.
Even if you pretend that you can’t see it.
It is truly there even now.
Your true voice that hid before you knew it.
Let it resonate. now,
Even if you pretend that-you can’t see it
It is truly there, within you.

Credits to: @shiyuki332