YOASOBI – 優しい彗星 (Comet)(English Translation)[BEASTARS Ending 3]

Year: 2021


Now, in the quiet night,
We drove the car without any plans.
On the left next to me, the moon lit up the side of your face.

If we just connect the words,
Like how we search for memories,
Like how we follow the path,
The memories of those days overflow helplessly.

Since that day I decided to live my life next to you,
The world started to change little by little.
In the days I portrayed myself to be strong, hiding my weaknesses.
The look in your eyes which appeared one day all of a sudden,
Taught me something I didn’t know.
If there are things I must protect, then with just that,
I was able to become as strong as I am now.

In the deep, deep darkness,
We met, and spent together days like no other.
It was pleasant.
No, it was bliss.
You see, I was truly saved you know,
By you.

Catching the subtle light, what sparkled,
Were tears that were as if they were shooting stars.
Flowing and spilling out from your clumsy life.
The beautiful tears.

Even the kindness hidden in your strong big body,
Even that look like you are suffering somewhere,
I think of them all dearly.
It’s not about appearance.
I have finally noticed.

The sound of the gunshot that resonates heartlessly tears up the night.
The breath of farewell rushes at me.
The ruthless shooting star that shined for an instant,
Our prayers just disappeared without ever reaching it.

This gold, gentle comet that burnt out in my hands,
This beautiful mane,
I held it tightly in the darkness.

Credits to: @shiyuki332