Gradation (Eng Trans)


KANA-BOON – Gradation (English Translation Lyrics)[My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Opening Song] feat. Yuho Kitazawa

Year: 2023


Even today, love dances through the streets
The floating shadows are solitary
Tomorrow, chance awaits you
The arrow pointing forward is transparent

If words come later
To the feelings that cannot be tidied away
It takes a little courage
To give them a name, I know

Every time the two of us get closer
Inexhaustible emotions abundantly overflow
They color my dull heart- a love with gradation
The two of us become ambiguous and yet simple
Attracted and drawn towards each other
Becoming like magnets

Even today, love eagerly awaits
A stuck yellow traffic signal
Even now, the blinking calls for you
Inviting, running would be wise

If it’s just word, they can wait
But no, I want a name
Because there are so many things I don’t understand
I want a reason to cross over

Every time the two of us keep missing each other
Subtle reactions become sensitive
Hide the flushed appearance of impatience
With foundation, don’t let it show
Our indifferent expressions
Caress the concealed feelings of love we hold
When our eyes occasionally meet, don’t them swim away

Scrolling through, the letters resound
Playing the waiting game for notifications again
I want to see you, I want to hear your voice
The accumulated feelings can no longer be divided

Alone, in the twilight’s gap, what floats
Is a shooting star shining beside me
In a hesitant heart, colorful love with gradation
Every time the two of us get closer
Realizing, yet taking the long way around
Until the day comes when we can convey it

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