X1 Lyrics

Artist: 엑스원 (X1)
Song: 괜찮아요 (I’m Here For You)(English Translation)
Album: 비상 : QUANTUM LEAP
Year: 2019


Yesterday when it felt like you couldn’t breathe
Today when you don’t even have the strength to open your eyes
And it feels like everything will repeat
Your heart that wants to cry, I understand that
Because I’m just the same

It’s okay to rest for a bit
It’s okay to walk slowly

When even the shadow that follows you becomes unbearable
It’s fine, it’s okay, since I’m here
It’s fine, it’s okay, don’t forget that I’m here

Turning off the lights, lying down on your bed
Not being able to sleep for no reason at all
Tears streaming out because of that inexplicable sadness
Sleep tight, you can do better tomorrow

Good night, it’s okay to stop for a bit
Oh beautiful night
“It’s okay.” that’s what I want to tell you
You’re doing well, you’ll do even better
Don’t worry anymore
I’ll be here, so good night

You’ll get through this, like always
You’ll make it
Just believe in me
I won’t let go of your hands
I will never let you lose your spirit
It’s okay to rest even just for a short time

One step, two step, I try to take in my breath as I continue to walk on
Since the more you try to be fast, the further the road feels like

When you get scared of tomorrow
Just lean on my shoulder
I’ll be by your side and comfort you
It’s fine, it’s okay, since ‘m here

Those days when no one would understand how you felt
And you kept comforting yourself that it’d be okay

Just take one step, no, two steps
Come closer to me
I’ll lend you my shoulder and match my steps with yours from now
It’s okay

Even if the time continues to fly on and on
It’s fine
Even if everything in this world changes
Since I’ll be here
I’ll be there for you
It’s okay
Even if your tears continue to stream down
It’s fine
Even if I become more blurry to your sight
Don’t forget that I’m here
I’ll be there for you
I’m here for you

Credits to: @hereforwooseok