Muteki (Eng Trans)


Young Kee – Muteki (English Translation Lyrics)[WIND BREAKER Ending Song]

Year: 2024


My other half is like light, I’ll protect you
I’m invincible, my heart hurts so much that it breaks

If you don’t like it, don’t come near me, although it looks like you know
I brushed off the outstretched hand because I’m the devil
As long as you smile for me, I can overcome my shameful past
I don’t think everything is worth it
Alone, I crouched down
I’ll never forget you pulling out my heart

What’s behind those eyes?
A heartbeat that makes even my selfish fists cry
I don’t want to be taken away, I don’t want to be hurt
I’ll protect you, I’m invincible. My heart hurts so much that it breaks

My tattered heart was crushed by distortion
I won’t know unless I try, it’s a little embarrassing
Be bossy, be bossy
I spoke of a strength I didn’t know
Let me stay here, I want to stay here
No matter what I do, no matter what I lose

I don’t even notice beautiful things
The clown I forced myself to know, the monster tries to tame me
It will gently bare its fangs
My heart has shriveled, while being ambivalent about justice and evil
Even in the despair that there is no eternity, I act with love

Shaky and tattered
I still wanted to stand up
Just naked love
If I could meet you

It’s worse than that because it’s under and it’s dead
I’m invincible
An outsider full of trauma
Even like a devil
I want to protect you, I want to love you, the heartbeat that makes me cry
The smell of blood is sweet and the malice is growing
It’s the last time, hold me tight
So much that I break

I won’t avoid your gaze anymore