Who-ya Extended – VIVID VICE (English Translation)

Year: 2021


Overflowing beyond the distorted end
The surface tension of life
Torn apart

Even if you struggle with patience, you will scream eventually
I search only for the raging invisible nature
on that rope where I stand
Do you just hide it to keep it from shaking
or do you take your chances and run for it
the choice seems like a trap

The instinct to step forward

I’ll never go back, I’ll never regret it
I’ll change the reality
Even if the truth is cruel
I’m stained with disaster
We call it a feast of bloated sins
I’ll run through, just chasing the voices
Even if expectations turn to misery
Even if expectations turn to emotion

The filth that nestles in empty emotions
The tag of “I’m sorry” has been

The premise of rages, it must be the work of the devil
I’m conflicted, wiping away my true feelings, shooting tragedy in the face
Freeze, but breathe. You’re just talking about the journey
I’m not sure if I can lead you to tears
You can see it on the spot

Open your eyes

I can’t stop now, two sides of the same coin, a cloudy future
I’ll crawl to the top
Even as the roots of my backsliding swirl
A class that carves its own path
With unnecessary immorality and fate at my side
Until I cut off the gap that grows higher

Even my vows are theoretical
Even wishes are theoretical arguments
Even opportunity is nothing
Don’t touch the incomprehensible

Credits to: AniComet Music