Xell – Heat

Year: 2021


What, what, what

Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)

All these bitches know I got heat

All these niggas wanna talk

All these niggas know they weak (yeah, nigga)

I got heat (yeah)

They can’t even speak (yeah)

My life super sweet (swag)

Shit I can’t drink (yeah)

Trust me if all of my bitches on me

Shoot for me, I’ll give you D (yeah)

Send me the addy wherever you are, bitch imma give ’em the heat (yeah)

… (yeah, yeah, yeah)

We pull that top off (we pull that top off)

Pull those Glocks out (those Glocks out, yeah)

Bye-bye, it’s knockout (it’s knockout)

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