VIXX Lyrics 가사

Artist: 빅스 (VIXX)
Song: 태어나줘서 고마워 (Thank You For Being Born)(English Translation)
Year: 2013


You probably hated me all day
You still don’t know me, stupid

Your birthday comes only once a year
How could I forget?

I’m sorry I couldn’t express my heart for all this time
I guess I was too shy to say I love you
Will you close your eyes?

Congratulations, happy birthday to my love
I won’t change,
I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you

Thank you so much, thank you for my love
For being born today, for coming to me
Meeting you was a great fortune in my life
Now blow out the candles, my love

The only thing I can do is
To love you even more

There might be times when I hurt you
But please know this one thing
Just like always, just like now

I love you, you’re my everything to me
Even after ten years, it’ll be like only one day has passed
I won’t change, I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you, my love

It still feels like a dream
An angel is looking at me and smiling
Like this

Even if I yell I love you endlessly
It’s not enough

Lonely and hard days
Won’t be scary if we’re together
I’ll give you things
That always overflow

Thank you so much, Thank you for my love
For being born, for being by my side
I am born again because I met you
Now will you put this ring on? My love