reversal (Eng Trans)


Anna – reversal (English Translation Lyrics)[Undead Girl Murder Farce Ending Song]

Year: 2023


Well, shall we start
From here, it’s all clear
The world pretending to be beautiful that swallows any darkness

It doesn’t matter who’s to blame or who’s weak

I’m trapped in a birdcage
Don’t make such a mistake
When I get serious,
I will turn this around

Well, shall we dance
This place is all I wanted
Like a flower falling like a butterfly
Show me now mischievously

I can decide where I’m headed later
It doesn’t matter

There’s no way I could escape
Don’t make such assumption
If you can find me,
Shall we dream together

Different from others or rather being special
It doesn’t matter

If I’m trapped in a birdcage,
I can’t do anything
Shall I suck the nectar out of that shallow brain of yours
I’m just getting started

Official translation.