YOUNG & WILD (Eng Trans)


Artist: 트와이스 (TWICE)
Song: YOUNG & WILD (English Translation)
Album: Yes or Yes
Year: 2018


We all have so many things
to worry about in life
but you know
We are young & wild
Enjoy and feel special
because there’s nothing
stopping us

What fashion is it today again
Regardless of what is wore, new collection
This is my satisfaction
All the stress from yesterday fly away
The increasing tension became full
Listen to the playlist that is full of songs
Let go of the breath that will make your heart lighter
Take in the air that is filled with freedom
The bubble gum dream that is coming inflatedly
If the air leaks, you just have to blow in more air
Yeah wear the most comfortable shoes
Tie the laces firmly

*We are young & wild
I want to live life my way, I don’t care
Following the path where my legs take me
Leave it freely to your body
We are young & wild
Like fire that is hot and bright
We are burning up
You know it, all of it

Passion with self-confidence
Actions that have no boundaries
Attention that is only given to me
The good reactions that are coming in
Leave go of the breath in your body
My day is perfection today
Feeling that is soaring up to the sky
Whatever that comes, healing
Bubble gum dream that is getting bigger as if it’s going to burst
The soft dreams of mine became noticed
Yeah let go of those that you don’t need
Shall we start again slowly…


Make new vocalization, I go eureka everyday
Just play without worries, let’s go
Go high like the waves, and be cool proudly
It just flows, don’t be impatient
In the desert without anyone
Appearing like a ray of light
You who is like a oasis
Like the waves, the light shows
Don’t hide and show it
We are young & wild
young & wild
young & wild
young & wild
My day that passed and will not return
Even if it is not possible to rewind
But nothing’s stopping me


Translation thanks to Sesamee_giraffe.