Sandcastle (Eng Trans)


TWICE – Sandcastle (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2022


I thought about myself
Life is full of Choice
But who gives the right answer to me?
If I could choose only what I like and the things
that I like
I’m sure that it would be comfortable

To be “like oneself” is in actuality
Diametrically opposed to (what’s) Real
Even so, today, I take a step forwards too

Even if you worry (it’s) Wasting time
A weakling’s Mental (state)
Spurn it Good-bye tears
Let’s try it

* The picture of the future drawn in the sand
that is piled up Surreal
If it’s collapsed Start over
Like sandcastle one more time

While watching the waves coming back in
Repeatedly Stack it up
Just as it is Start over
Like sandcastle Countless times

As for love or friendship too, recently
When shown in attractive (social media) posts,
are also Perfect now
However, in the somehow unfulfilling
The number of “likes” (on social media) doesn’t
fill up (this empty) Feeling

That being compared with people is
You know that so take a step forwards

Midnight when you’re all alone
Occasionally you come to Feel sad
Make it end Good-bye tears
Let’s try it

* Repeat

If you stumble Stand up
Even pain is Material
All of it has meaning

Even if you’re laughed at, definitely
It’s a Lifetime that’s only yours
Don’t run away I say don’t give up
Let’s try it

* Repeat

Credits to: @vietnqonce, @sanapen2912, @NewbyOnce