The Strokes Lyrics

Artist: The Strokes
Song: Selfless
Album: The New Abnormal
Year: 2020


Can the dark side light my way? Oh, yeah, yeah
Lay your hand across my face, yeah, yeah
Time we lost, that’s all my fault

Please don’t be long, ’cause I want you now
I don’t have love without you around
Life is too short, but I will live for you

How did this fit in your story? Yeah-eah
Why’d you let them judge your body? Yeah-eah
I’ve been waitin’ there outside, yeah

Please don’t be long, ’cause I want your heart
I don’t have fun without your love
Life is too short, but I will live for you
You’re back in love, but I will live for you, my selfless love

Bite my tongue and wait my turn
I waited for a century
Waste my breath, no lessons learned
I turn and face the enemy
I’m not scared, just don’t care
I’m not listening, you hear?
He’s never dead, but I don’t care
I can’t tell you what and where