Kyuseishu (Eng Trans)


Tsukuyomi – Kyuseishu (English Translation Lyrics)[The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior Opening Song]

Year: 2023


Tell me
How the world should be
The reason and use of this life

With a way of life like this
Can I save this destiny and you?

They’re all common tragedy
Does the life end, regretting the scattered pain?

Although I can’t find an answer if I ask,
If there’s something wrong, it should be my existence

Oh, the moon, become full and pierce the dark
A crime deserves a penalty, doesn’t it?
The love will be burned, and the sorrow
will steal our tomorrow

Tell me
How to change the world
After wishing, praying, can I change anything?

I know it’s just fantasy though

You don’t understand
Hypocrisy is the same as good
After keeping quiet, weeping, can I change anything?

I can only show off or talk big
Consent myself and go down?

Before I know it the death is next to me
It creeped up and gave me the miserable present not to miss me

Suspecting I threw them away
without even knowing that they’re the answer
I’m losing my composure

We went crazy every time we tried to fix
We’ll blame it on something else again.
How would we repair this time?

The more you cherish them, the more they break
It’s a silly story, laugh at me

Dump the past, live tomorrow
What will be there?

This kind of will sacrifices and it only adds the wounds

Sing for me
The touching voice and song now

Oh, I wish I could be born

Tell me
How the world should be
The reason and use of this life

One firm word, not countless words
Hope it will reach you

Although I’m not the God
who can change or save the future
I reach my hand
For the dark that has no place to go
So, hold it tight

So that it will be the savior of someone

Official translation.

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