A Few Sentimental (Eng Trans)


Kohana Lam – A Few Sentimental (English Translation Lyrics)[The Dangers in My Heart Ending Song]

Year: 2023


Dusk is a time when you can’t tell how close you’re getting.
You’re lost in a maze, and you don’t know where the exit is.

The abnormal has become the normal. It’s against the rules. Wait, wait, wait.
It doesn’t matter. I can’t be honest with myself.

Maybe I want to stay like this forever.
That feeling has melted away.

We’ve been searching… for our hearts to match.
We were exchanging coherent lines.

I wanted to touch you, but the heat of your hands reached my heart.
I was growing up so tall. I saw you growing up.
I want to know you.

I wanted to get closer, and a dream wasn’t enough, and my heart ached… I want to get to know you.
I’m starting to see that I’m becoming more self-aware.

I’m starting to understand. The sun is shining on the maze I’m lost in.

I’m wondering what I want to do, how I want to feel.
I was picking up the pieces of my memory.

I can’t stay like this forever.
I moved the hands of my watch forward.

We were looking for… a matching heart.
We were exchanging coherent lines.

The heat from our overlapping hands reached our hearts
We were running away, with the glowing sky in the background.
I want to know, even beyond this

I wanted to get closer, a dream wasn’t enough, my heart ached
I wanted to get closer, I wanted to be closer, I wanted to see your heart
I wanted to put it into words.

Official translation.