The Stealer (Eng Trans)


Artist: 더보이즈 (THE BOYZ)
Song: The Stealer (English Translation)
Album: Chase
Year: 2020


(*) I’m the stealer (Yah)
Go where the heart is the deepest
The moment it’s held tight
Pull the trigger (Yah)
Brutally push me down
You disappear again

In the dark blue twilight
I flow into you like a criminal
Stealing a precious
Got me feeling so right
Got me feeling so right
Got me feeling so right

Silhouette in the dark alley
Chasing you Think I see you, but I don’t
You’re behind me in the blink of an eye
With a stricking roar
You disappear like smoke

(Oh) I become impatient
(Yeah) I don’t want to leave you
Acting like I know this feeling but I do
Oh, I’m on a fire, fire


If two glares collide
The road is filled with a spark
Painting the city with light
Turn it up tonight
I want to go further

(**) Is it an addiction?
You aren’t an easy mission
Losin’ my mind
I will grasp you in this fueling fire

(Oh) Let’s go higher baby
(Yeah) Just needs to be us two
Only you hear the alarm
Come closer, closer


Right when I feel I caught you
You slip between my fingers
Soon standing a far
As you look at me you smile
With that innocent face
At that place you point at
just has my heart and vacant chest

Run away, as my breath stops
Trick you perfectly, double check for a
clean finish
place my hand in the moonlight,
My heart is ruined and emotions gone


Credits to: @flower_jjjae