The Spell (Eng Trans)


AiNA THE END – The Spell aka Aikotoba (English Translation Lyrics)[The Apothecary Diaries Ending Song (Kusuriya no Hitorigoto)]

Year: 2023


It’s not a decorative kindness
Ah, the warmth that has no use
Such selfish ideals today too
I couldn’t put it into words and swallowed it all down

I still have memories
In a city where the colors of twilight are fragrant
You were laughing, weren’t you?

My heart is full of tears
I found a light that day
You were spoiled, weren’t you?
The wind was so loud I covered my ears
I have to graduate from such a person
Even if I stumble over words of love

I’ve always been cunning
Turn into a teddy bear in the corner of the bed
For someone to hug me
I always pretended to be pitiful and looked at the sky from the window

Hide and seek with the tin star
It’s about to meeting only one thing
I was hoping for it

When the ripe fruit seizes the night
Will I be able to get there even if I am like this?
A place of love that everyone envies

I went up a few steps and then went down a few steps
A voice telling me to do my best and just do my best
As poison or medicine
As light or shadow, move me
I have to go, waving my hand No matter how small I become

Love in my heart, kindness in my hands
I’m looking for a light for you
Because I want you to smile
The wind was so loud I covered my ears
I have to graduate from such a person
Can you hear the words of love?


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