Artist: 태민 (TAEMIN)
Song: Pretty Boy feat. KAI (English Translation)
Album: ACE
Year: 2014


Hey, with thick eyelash and natural behavior and relaxation
hey, with my smile at the tip of my high up nose, you’re going ”Oh my god”

Every day every day every day every night
over anxiety, rumors around me
every day every day again every night
but I’m fresh. I’m off the hook Yes tonight

Cause I do it I do it, for you
acting innocent, be a marionette? Never
everyone, they all say it easily

Even if I always look pretty and straight
even if the world looks nice and weak
It’s only an imagination of me (pretty boy)
even if you say a pretty boy should be like this
even if you say things will be a certain way
I’m from your imagination (pretty boy)
pretty boy pretty boy pretty boy P R E double T Y pretty boy

Hey you, tough guy. Loosen up your rock solid shoulders
hey feel the way I move

It’s like…you are like a crazy train, look at her
who’s all surprised. Hope you notice
‘a man, you are a man’ like a habit
how is being organized and detailed opposite of being a man?

What kind of a man do you want? Appearance
want something manly? Think about it
what kind of a man do you want? Even with that very sentence
I give you a certain faith that’s somewhat different

Baby, I’m not a flower in a green house like
how everyone says I am
baby, I will give you a faith that’s somewhat different
than those rough guys with only words
P R E double T Y pretty boy

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