ECLIPSE (Eng Trans)


Artist: 태민 (Taemin)
Song: ECLIPSE (English Translation)
Year: 2018


Your cold limbs
In my hands, them were shaking
I will steal the heat
Every time, I’ll escape before getting hurt
I’m aware of the darkness
And I’m not gonna let it control me

Tell me why?
Set free the secret path
Set it free
My deep and dark heart snaps back
Our destiny shines bright in the moonlight
only you and me

I want to swallow you,
I want to hold you tight,
Until our love becomes one

I wish I could cry when I’m sad
I wish I had the courage to expose myself

Tell me why?
Illuminate the path I am living, illuminate it

My crying heart,
It snaps back
Our destiny becomes bright
When we look at the moon

Let’s take it over
Let’s wrap it up
We secretly become one in the sky

Hands up for a moment
Hands up
Be careful not to miss it, be careful

It snaps back,
Our destiny becomes bright,
When I look at you, the moon will swallow us
it will hold us tightly
Until our love becomes one