Artist: Agust D (SUGA)
Song: skit (English Translation)
Album: Agust D
Year: 2016


Suga (S): Here, here!
Suga’s older brother (OB): Hey, you arrived so early. Why did you come so early!
S: No, I was just out the front here.
S: Hello,
Restaurant lady: Welcome!
S: We’ll take this seat.
S: Could we please get, two lamb chops please.
S: Now I mean, this mixtape itself, I’m not releasing it as this BTS’ Suga, but it’s like, going to portray one aspect of me from many.
S: Anyhow, you, hyung, really believed in me of doing music.
S: For me that really,
S: Like, I said this to Yankee hyung and Suran noona when I was talking to them earlier.
S: I think that the the reason I am able to make music like this until today is because my hyung really believed in me.
S: I suppose, just the fact that I have someone who will trust in me (for what I do) is just great..
OB: From when you guys used to be trainees up until now when you are doing so well, I was believing in you all along. So..
S: I, me too! I’m believing too..

Credits to: bts-trans