Prequel (Highlight Reel)

Stray Kids Lyrics

They say people are born different.
But why does it feel like we’re all the same?
Us, brainwashed into the same system.
They expect perfection.
So how can we be different?
… A sign, an omen, a… a GLITCH.

The world took me away from myself.
We decided to get out of here and find our true selves.
We went towards a small light…
with you.

In order to advance forward we threw ourselves into MIROH.
We ran around the unknown city without any hesitation.
Many nights have passed.
But nothing has changed.
We turned our backs on the world,
and chose the road not taken.
Sometimes our choice came with consequences.
In those times we shared our fears and helplessness, and also relied on each other.
At the moment of choice,
they thought of their own comfort,
we thought of our own way,
and so different moons came up with different choices.

When we stood in front of the door that day, thinking about the shadow of the moon on the other side,
the wind blew.
We contemplated about the key we held in our fists.
We thought it was the answer, but it was a trap.
We think about the road we took.

The moment we let you go,
the two moons overlapped, becoming one streak of light.
The shining light brought back our true selves.
Perhaps it was us all along that could have turned the moons into one.
In a singular world, GO LIVE.