Maze of Memories (Eng Trans)


Artist: 스트레이 키즈 (Stray Kids)
Song: Maze of Memories (English Translation)
Album: Clé 1 : MIROH
Year: 2019


Time is running
It’s like my dreams, day and night
For a moment, burn away my thirst
My memories are thrown out

This is like a script less drama
An unthinkable ending appears
The dust that covered my old mind
Now weighs down my current dreams

Throwback to the black nights that I used to devour
Now I carry the sun’s crimson light
The cold dawn on the wall
Shows a lonely moon and covers my face
As if it was coloring me black
The inside of my mind burns and fills up with question marks that blame me
Now I run for an answer that I cannot see
Running on my mind
But the inside of me is even more frustrating

This is my grim struggle for my tomorrow
My current state is as if I saw yesterday’s future, yeah
My smile appears at the call of others, a sigh falls out
A maze of memories appears as if today’s current me saw the (past) me

Getting slower as I walk, the wind drives me
Turn up with this wandering
Please give me some time to sleep even for a little bit
Show me the wrong answer that’s acting like the right answer in my life

Everything looks like a lie to me right now
It’s like I’m stuck in time

Under the dark blue sky,
Our song burns red hot
The front of our burning hot song is blocked by a whale who rides a rough,
sandy wind and hunts for its prey
But I can’t feed it, that’s how I’ve always been

Here and there is filled with rocks
With a flying sword I’ll cut it down and create dust and with the dust I’ll create
a mountain
I’Il bring it all back

Boil it up, a teakettle that’s filled with anger
Bring it up, the me that’s filled with anger
It’d be nice if that anger could turn into a flower
Instead of a sea of fire, I hope it turns into a field of flowers

Demons wander around on the road
My brain floats around in this complicated air
A bird that’s flying high ends up snatching my brain
But I’m flying on that bird’s back

Imma look back
Imma look back to the future in fact
Let me examine the progress
The demons that tried to suffocate the road to success
Imma look forward into the sea
Oblivious sea I call “history”
Thunderous waves that rage
Destroying the maze of memories I wanna see

And so, should I give up
But really, can I give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
It makes me wanna give up

But then again, no I shouldn’t give up
I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
Now I’ve had enough

Calling out for help, on this carousel
Life is like a dare or an open fair
I just wanna tell, tell the citadel

Empire, campfire,
Unpile old files, set fire
Rise higher, go wild and chase my
That’s why I

Never give up
Never give up
Listen to my words, I’m a little different
Never give up

Never give up
Never give up
To see tomorrow, I run a little more
Never give up

Credits to: @snowychangbin