Orange (Eng Trans)


SPYAIR – Orange (English Translation Lyrics)[Haikyuu! Battle of the Garbage Dump Theme Song (Gomi Suteba no Kessen)]

Year: 2024


Good bye: I won’t say it. I won’t make any promises
Because we’ll meet again

Biting the horizon, it’s a little orange
The bittersweet light is dazzling

Sweat slipping down and a voice echoing
We clapped each other’s shoulders, laughed and cried together

Towards the orange sky, heading towards tomorrow
Take flight
Just one more second Just one more second
This moment we can’t let go of


Carry big dreams on our small shoulders
We’ve come this far

The future isn’t just the way you wanted it to be
Yet, it was fun, everything

I was out of breath and just kept running
What I was chasing was probably the warmth in my heart

Never again. Such a moment
May we be connected forever
What should I imagine? What should we do?
Even though I try to imagine it



It’s a sure thing because someday we’ll get it
It’s okay to make mistakes, don’t be afraid
You stay as you are


Like a slightly bitter orange
The sadness left behind
Just one more second Just one more second
I’m going forwards with some regrets

Even if I suddenly fall in love with you in the limited time
Don’t stop, don’t look back, just keep going forwards