SLEEQ Lyrics 가사

Artist: SLEEQ
Song: Equalist (English Translation)
Album: Equalist
Year: 2018


Wow, when I heard that someone was saying “feminism rap coming soon”
I said, oh yes, that’s right, the year’s almost over
Till when am I going to be the only one here?
Yes, it’s about time everyone knew
Actually, it’s long overdue but still, and then
I saw your name and WTF
I wasn’t even interested in hearing your lyrics
Yet you came crawling back anyway
But I can tell you didn’t do any studying at all

You’re so shameless, typical baseless confidence of Korean men
You act out trusting in the power of your dick, and the size shows
Reading a single book suddenly makes you a feminist
Oh, you worked so hard. Wow, it’s been a while since you read a book, right?

I was quite surprised when I read your lyrics
I heard all the people who do hip hop follow what goes on in the US
Make lots of money and meet lots of girls
What else could you be saying with all that misogyny already there

But I saw that you were saying things from like 500 years ago
You’re saying things your grandma probably used to hear

There’s no gender discrimination these days
Our country is advanced, we’re a member of the OECD
Women don’t have to go to the army
Women don’t split the bill on dates
There are too many gold diggers out there
They steal our spots on subways and parking lots too

I’m hearing things from you I don’t even hear from the old grandpas on Line 1 anymore
You say, “I’m no fucking prince,” but whoever called you a prince in a first place
“I don’t hate women. Actually, my problem is that I love women too much”
You talk about misogyny when you can’t even define it, everyone but you sees right through it

The things you want
For women to also go to the army, for women to split the bill on dates
To get rid of women-only parking lots and seats designated for pregant women
To split the costs equally in half when a couple gets married
For misandry to stop, for reverse discrimination to stop
Get rid of WOMAD, get rid of Megall
To trust you, because you’re different from other men

The things I want
For you to not kill me
For you to not rape me
For you to not beat me
For you to not blame the victim after killing, raping, and heating them
For you to not push me out of the system while telling me to blame the system

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