Rurou no Katashiro (Eng Trans)


Suda Masaki x TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA – Rurou no Katashiro (English Translation Lyrics)[Rurouni Kenshin 2023 2nd Cour Opening Song]

Year: 2023


Hold your breath and stand diagonally
Break off the curtain to a new era

The scenery that the crouching loneliness overlooks
The same night sea in all directions

Fight against unreasonable forces with your heart
If you are not strong, the floating world will be sad

Rurou’s path is a substitute form

A strong love that won’t forgive itself
I pulled out the blade upside down

Cut the darkness of Shura without hurting people
Until I tear the chains of hatred Separation

I can’t lean on you because your kindness gets in the way
That’s why the two of us dared to understand each other

Let’s dedicate ourselves to the flowers that bloom far away

Do you want to end it without any unnecessary resistance?
Fight in despair

The sadness that swallows you up
Just throw everything away and face it

A small path between the back and front
That’s our reality

Even if I’m not the one who breaks free
I’ll open up a hole in this world

Live with hope
Go on

The night sea that gives birth to life


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