G3N15 (Eng Trans)


ROSALÍA – G3N15 (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2022


Will you forgive me for what I’ve missed?
It’s been two years now
You’re already 10 years old
11 is on the way
Were your eyes sky blue or navy blue?
I don’t know what you like
If it’s the races
Spaceships or sailing ships
If you live in calm or live in war
If you already fall in love or if you fight
If you feel warmness, you feel it inside
It’s because you’ve got an angel
Burning in your chest
If your heart is no longer cold
Is that you have an angel, the one I sent you

You’re always quiet like the older ones
I will tell you, no sugarcoating and no flowers
And it’s my time to be where I don’t want to
This is not “El Mal Querer”, it’s the “Bad desire”
I’m in a place that I wouldn’t bring you to
Nobody here is at peace between stars and syringes
Marble stars, cut into the ground
Papers on the street where the models walk by

There are pickets on the arms
Pickets on the stars
I don’t want to bring you here
So that you never come here
Pickets on the stars
Pickets on the arms
They hug each other when it’s cold
Like I hug you

Bon dia, amor meu
M’agrada que pensar en moments difícils
Sempre ajuda moltíssim tenir una referència a Déu
Sempre és la família en primer lloc, i
No en primer lloc, diria que en primer lloc sempre és Déu
I después la família
La família és tan important, carinyo
La família sempre és important
Et portes un camí que és una mica complicat
Quan el miro, penso “Que complicat és el món en que s’ha ficat la Rosalía”
Però bueno, si ets feliç, jo també soc feliç

Translated by lyricskpop.net

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