All Day (Eng Trans)


RM (BTS) – All Day (English Translation Lyrics) feat. Tablo

Year: 2022


Ads are all the same these days
First off, just have fun, my way
These people who wear cool clothes and do cool dances
In the outside world, there are a lot more bad dancers
It’s just become a habit, this ‘I don’t care’
You know right, those are the people who do care
Honestly the body is nothing, the mind is the issue
Oh really? I don’t know myself? Huh
Fuck off A,I f*** the algorithm
We need some meditation, f*** all the rhythm
My biorhythm gives me no time to contemplate
When will I write my own poem?
So busy trying to survive that dreamin’ is forgotten
You’ve kind of become a star too
If you’re looking for something that’s been buried
Honey you taste it like me

Okay, okay
I’m diggin’ all day
Okay, okay
I’m findin’ real me
Okay, okay
I’m singin’ all day
Okay, okay (let’s go)
All day
All day
All day
All day

What kind of atmosphere is this?
What we doin’ here?
Nothing can move out of place
It’s entirely neutral gear
They want you in fear
How dare you speak your thoughts?
Fold it quick, origami
They got you by your balls & your socioeconomics
That’s big facts
Any uniqueness stepped on by think tanks
Personal impact, gone so cold
Light a bigger fire, your life is a Big Match
Burn it up, what are you afraid of?
Get yo ass off the bench, start warmin’ up
We gotta fight when they say, “Behave!”
We got dynamite in our DNA
I’mma be okay, I’mma be that way
I’ll keep my eyes wide open and I’ll be fine
Haters close your eyes quickly
If you don’t like watching my life
Looking at dream-like things with your eyes open is hard
Ya feel me?

Okay, okay
I’m fightin’ all day
Okay, okay
Get outta my way
Okay, okay
I’m livin’ my way
Okay, okay (let’s go)
All day
All day
All day
All day
Live your life

When it feels like this cruel world is mocking you
No matter what the world says, we fly high
You gotta believe it
You gotta be livin’
You gotta believe it
You gotta be dreamin’
You gotta believe it
You gotta be feelin’
We know we fly all day

Credits to: Ali, Aditi & Annie @ bts-trans

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