Year: 2020


Woof woof I’ma crazy dog like Cujo
Look up on my wrist I’m wearin’ Rollie
Ice cold
Dripping, I stay pimpin’ and I’m workin’ on a nice flow
I don’t care if she still want more
‘Cause I’m only there to pipe ho
Got a lot of cash in my pocket
Shit stay leakin’
I’m not tweaking
But the bitches out here geekin’
I ain’t sleepin’ only dreaming
All these women catching feelings, I’m a sharp shooter
Pop out in the morning like a beacon
Goddamn she can’t fit up in them pants
But she tryna grab my hands
But I’m reaching for the bands
I got plans big plans
People cheering in the stands
Shout my name everyday just give me one chance
Big checks that’s the motivation
Tryna make a banking let my greatness shine up through the nation
I’m not hatin’ your ratchet ass clothes
I’m just stating clear fact won’t ever wear those
“Woohoo that was fire bro, wow”
“Ayy chill I’m still going I’m still going”

Ride in the Maserati
Catch a body
She a hottie
Call her shawty
Look like a Barbie
Cash out like Carti
Throw a party
Wit yo mami
I can tell she want me
‘Cause I’m saucing in this bitch
Sauce saucing in this bitch
Heard you tryna hit a lick lil boy
Talking shit lil boy
Roll with the hits lil boy
No c’s no crip lil boy
Hop in yo crib lil boy
Yes I’m the shit lil boy
They call me Bobby
Cause I saw that chick a week ago
But now I’m ghosting
‘Cause I don’t wanna see that ho
And now I’m rolling the hittas just like cannoli
‘Cause they say they want smoke but in real life they don’t know me
Look out move out the way
Stop talking down on me lil bitch whatcha what you say
Big food on my plate, 10 oz filet
Ice out my chains
‘Cause I’ma be great
You don’t wanna fuck with me and my crew
Watch me observe all the shit that I do
Lil youngin’ who are you