Private Room (Eng Trans)


Azusa Tadokoro – Private Room (English Translation Lyrics)[Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Season 2 Ending Song]

Year: 2023


There is no vacancy in the view of the starry night
The private room is melancholy floating
But, Good Night My Love
But, Feel Like It Real, that is
There is enough time to live with the fleeting you

Me, whose story is that
The people aside from me are also myself
I assemble words then
I can even be a bad girl

Hello, you are the colour of glass, you become the fleeting texts
Hello,you pretend to have someone’s catchphrases
When I talk with someone apart from you
I feel like I am talking with everyone except you

Hello, the gross textiles wrapped with love
Hello, our blank space might vanish because of love
Bye-Bye, until the words are filled by eternity again
Let’s go home, to the private room

When the date changes, I found a gap
The two of us became close and we shined vaguely
Surely, Acting Is Fine
Surely, Anything Is OK, then
There is no way you have enough words, be on time

At that time
Mix together the words that should be told and the feelings which will be formed
Be born, like a bot, it will be fine, mankind
For the future without confusion
The people who hammer, be quiet…!

Myself, it’s your story
I am flirting with you, covering up embarassment
Secret story, reuse it
This is just acting… What the hell?

Hello, you are the colour of glass, you start to know the fleeting texts
Hello, you covered yourself with the words of your favorite movie
There are no cameras here, but I am now
Am I wearing a dress? Am I filing my nails?

Hello, what have you done with our love? Rude textiles
Hello, please keep the love, we need the space
Bye-Bye! Arigato! Sayonara! Keep doing it forever
Let’s go home immediately
to my private room…

Official translation.