ZAPATA (Eng Trans)


Peso Pluma – ZAPATA (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Collectible weapons, jewelry and a superon stands out that is limited edition

Doing the work, I started there at the border then I took a road, for each side Emiliano Zapata

Everything has changed!

I move in the fire and I still haven’t get burned, only a few have seen my face

I’m not playing!

Light a green one to get rid of the stress, I clarify it, we are men, not clowns

And that’s how the Double P sounds, friend Tito


Friend Parka

Yes, I danced perreo with her, now pure fine clothes like a rich boy, very stoned in the Urus

Offices in L.A, the bags were of 20 and now are of 100, as soon as they arrive I spend them

Everything has changed!

I wasn’t good at school

We already won!

Light another green one to get rid of the stress, NZ keeps on working