SU CASA (Eng Trans)


Peso Pluma – SU CASA (English Translation Lyrics) feat. Luis R Conriquez

Year: 2023


They know that Jalisco is their home and that the Lord doesn’t miss a thing
22 states and counting, of course the son in charge is missed
Always very strong, the 3 are commanding, well, they look for me, but they can’t even see us
4 words have the power, embroidered in tattoos on the skin
My boys got it marked, what an offense, a lot of shots, grenades and even bazookas

They already forgot about that case? Pay attention, there is no deadline, if they go too far, I’ll hunt them down

Very famous worldwide, the 5 continents know him
To say it proudly, to be great, he was a brave man
With a pair, he knows how to use his mind, show some respect, he has a very strong personality
Because he’s all over the country, military weapons out there

The armed men are advancing, drones in the air watching, ten thousand people under my command and here the company continues to earn
Green sacks, blue kilos, well we already have those magnitudes

And by Jalisco, here I am, I do not say goodbye

I’m still here